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The expert sports medicine doctors at NJ Institute for Spine & Joint Pain strive for optimal recovery so that each of our patients—whether they’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior—can achieve their personal best on the court, track, or field.

Sports injuries are a common physical ailment, resulting from overuse, poor technique, or accidents. At NJ Institute for Spine & Joint Pain, our board-certified sports medicine and pain physicians treat injuries with comprehensive care plans tailored to each patient’s needs and goals.

We treat patients of all ages—our sports medicine program is designed to meet the needs of young athletes whose bodies are still growing and developing.

Since most injuries do not require surgery, the vast majority of our patients undergo physical therapy and learn how to modify their activities and their technique, so they can minimize pain and prevent injuries in the future. Occasionally, physicians also prescribe medications and/or injections.

Our physicians focus on the restoration and rehabilitation of injured areas, as well as education on proper form and injury prevention. Throughout the treatment process, our sports injury doctors take time to get to know their patients, so they can provide the best care and recovery possible, regardless of an individual’s level of sport participation.

We are proud to deliver world-class care to patients.  If you have a sports related injury call now to schedule a consultation.  

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Over 20 years of experience treating work and sports related injuries, car accidents, and aches and paints from normal activites of daily life.

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